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Senior center in Flushing honors Parker Jewish Institute officer
  • By Emily Davenport
  • /
  • Tuesday, June 6th, 2017
  • /
  • 06:41 PM UTC


Lina Scacco, Assistant Vice President, Corporate Outreach and Development at Parker Jewish Institute for Health Care and Rehabilitation, was recently honored at the Queens Nan-Shan Senior Center dinner in Flushing, Queens.  

She accepted the awards from Queens Nan-Shan Senior Center of the Chinese-American Planning Council, Michael Wang, during the center’s 29th anniversary fundraising dinner on May 25 at The Jade Asian Restaurant in Flushing.

According to Michael N. Rosenblut, President and CEO of Parker Jewish Institute, “Lina Scacco received the Queens Nan-Shan ‘Community Service Award’ for her continued support of their senior center over recent years.  It was also special recognition of her outreach efforts to the Chinese-American community and especially their senior citizens,” Rosenblut added.

“I was deeply honored to be recognized by Queens Nan-Shan Senior Center on the occasion of their 29th Annual Dinner,” Scacco said.  “Under Mr. Wang’s guidance, Queens Nan-Shan Senior Center has become an increasingly important asset to the community, offering assistance in obtaining entitlement benefits, and providing case management for elderly Chinese-American residents in Flushing, in addition to serving group meals and hot food to homebound seniors.”  

Scacco said it has been an honor to support Michael Wang’s efforts to improve the quality of life for seniors in the community.  Nan-Shan is part of the Chinese-American Planning Council (CPC).  CPC’s many programs include workforce development, early childhood services, youth services, and community services for the elderly.

Scacco is responsible for all Parker corporate communications and management of the Institute’s Community Health Service Divisions.  Parker Jewish Institute is a leading provider of Short Term Rehabilitation and Long Term Care.  At the forefront of innovation in patient-centered health care and new technology, the Institute is also a leader in teaching and geriatric research.